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Arvixe has always been my personal favorite web hosting company for the past 6 years now, and they continue to excel in providing good, top-notch, and high quality affordable web hosting to seasoned web masters like me. I have been using Arvixe to host close to 100 domains, and I can testify that they do not disappoint me at all.

Nevertheless, if you are exploring, searching, or even want to try out new web hosts to host your websites, perhaps you should give Arvixe a try – as I’m sure you’ll get quality hosting for your buck.

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Arvixe Coupon

Of course, Arvixe is an undisputed web hosting service provider in the market, and they have been one of the best for the past 8 years now. I have been using their excellent web hosting services for the past 5 years now, and I can personally testify that their web servers are extremely responsive in loading times, and I have never encountered any downtime for my websites at all.

Arvixe web hosting is the testament in quality and high-end web hosting. But surely, if you are thinking that quality and high-end web hosting coincides with hefty web hosting bill – you’d be wrong.

Nevertheless, there were instances where the web server seemed lagging in terms of performances, whereby apparently the server node was overloaded by a user. Of course, the problem was solved promptly when I created a support ticket, and their web server engineer got into solving the problem in no time – 20 minutes exactly! This is what I call an excellent service!

Arvixe understands their customers, and they take lengthy steps to ensure that the right customer gets the right type of service, at the right price that they would be paying for their web hosting.

Arvixe is fast becoming a major web hosting service provider in the market, and over the years, they have gained a sizable foothold of the web hosting market. Of course, a web hosting company won’t grow in such a pace if they could not offer excellent web hosting services, and Arvixe has proven themselves in terms of quality of services. I would definitely recommend my peers and known business associates when it comes to excellent web hosting services.

Generally, Arvixe caters a wide range of web hosting services for webmasters. Generally, webmasters with small or simple web hosting demands can utilize their shared web hosting packages.

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And as for higher end webmasters which require more processing power and higher bandwidth allocation, they can opt for their VPS and dedicated web server options.

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The shared web hosting is priced very affordably, with prices starting from just $4 per month, which is extremely cheap, don’t you think. Do take note that Arvixe will never sacrifice the quality of their web hosting, even though if you are paying a budget price for their services, as clearly, they value their customers, and they are the pioneer in budget yet quality web hosting services.

There are some circumstances where my Arvixe coupon might not be functional at some point of time, and that is because Arvixe might have moved their latest promotional campaign to something better. And if that happens, I would definitely appreciate it if you could notify me of the none-working Arvixe coupon, and I will definitely update the coupon code list with the latest Arvixe coupon code that is provided by Arvixe marketing team.

On the other hand, Arvixe also provides BusinessClass web hosting. This particular web hosting package is designed to cater business webmasters – those that require a little bit more from their shared web hosting package, yet minus the VPS or dedicated web hosting server price tag.

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The BusinessClass web hosting comes with a free dedicated IP that would be assigned to your web hosting plan, and the IP is totally free, without needing you to pay a yearly renewal fee!

I have been using Arvixe for the past 6 years now, and I can testify that I am loving every moment in using their services, clearly because they have never failed me. Do take note that not all web hosting service providers are 100% perfect, and you should expect hiccups along the way, but surely, the web hosting service provider is responsible in troubleshooting your problems promptly, and ultimately providing you with a seamless, web hosting service along the way.

Of course, if you are searching for higher end web hosting, Arvixe has VPS and DedicatedClass web hosting. The VPS starting price is $40 per month, while their dedicated service is priced $105 per month. Personally, I find their VPS web hosting very attractive indeed, whereby for $40 per month, you’ll get a sumptuous 1.5GB of dedicated RAM allocation.

The web hosting service provider that can deliver excellent web hosting support is definitely highly recommended, and Arvixe is definitely one of such web hosting service provider. I have created numerous support tickets over the course of 6 years, and they normally solve my problem in 1 day max! That should be one of the speediest web hosting service that I have ever experience!

And if you need more, you can go for their VPS pro package with 3GB of dedicated RAM for just $70 per month. Do take note that the pro package comes with 5 dedicated IP at no additional charges!

Well, if you have been searching high and low for the perfect web hosting service – look no further! Being a web master for 6 years now, I can personally testify that Arvixe is definitely a recommended web hosting service provider in the market.

And as for their dedicated web servers, although the price is a little steep, do take note that Arvixe dedicated web hosting plans are ‘Managed’ web servers – whereby under their managed plans, you can address any concerns regarding your web servers to their technical support team, and they will address the situation for you. If you do not have any knowledge in managing your web server, a managed web server plan is the best hosting plan for you.

Personally, I like Arvixe web hosting service flexibility, whereby they have a plan for everyone. For instance, a basic web hosting user can easily subscribe to their lowest plan, namely the Arvixe Personal Class hosting. And for those who want a little more in their hosting features, they should definitely get the Arvixe Business Class hosting which provides business hosting facilities.

To tell you the truth, based on my 6 years of web hosting experience, I have never experience any downtime with my web hosting server. Overall, there are 1 or 2 occasions, where there was intermittent connectivity issue with my server, the problem was addressed in just 40 minutes after submitting a support ticket to their technical support department – talk about efficiency in handling their support tickets!

And for more demanding users, Arvixe caters them via the VPS and Dedicated server web hosting. After browsing through their hosting cost structure, I can see that Arvixe has one of the most competitive pricing for these web hosting options. But surely, hosting on a VPS and dedicated server would require certain knowledge and skills in administration the server – Arvixe got you covered in these areas via their tech support department.

Also, their technical support team is really wonderful, as the waiting queue is really short and their technical support staff is very responsive to your needs. There are many instances where I have requested them to update my dedicated web hosting server with the latest updates, and they dutifully execute the tasks with pinpoint precision. And whenever I require new plugins like CSF firewall for WHM control panel, they helped me install the plugin at no extra charges.

Whenever your server encounters some problems, you can quickly rectify this simply by creating a support ticket. Once their support department receives your support request, they will look into the problem promptly, and rectifying the underlying problem in the quickest possible time.

Taking other web hosting comparison, Arvixe is really first class, as clearly, other web hosting would delay executing such tasks, and they might even impose additional costs to install addon plugins to my web server. My web hosting server has been running smoothly ever since, and I spend very little time administrating the server, which is clearly a huge value for my money.

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Over the past 5 years or so, I have been recommended Arvixe web hosting to my friends, professional colleagues, and even customers. Based on their reviews, they are extremely happy with their web hosting, and they too are recommending Arvixe to their peers. Thus, if you have made up your mind, and would like to give Arvixe a try, be sure to maximize your savings by using my Arvixe coupon that I have published on this page!

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